We are senior blockchain marketers and developers who love the wonderful advantages of the Aptos chain. Aptops with high TPS, scalable, secure, very low gas fees make it easier to reach billions of crypto users. We firmly believe that Aptos will become one of the most popular chains in no time.
Outstanding features Aptos DeFi is leading the trend on Aptos chain
Building on the latest innovation chainThe trend is friend. Without a doubt, Aptos is trending right now. It is new but shows fast transaction speed, low gas fees and is highly secured. By joining us and the Aptos community at an early stage, you will get many benefits
Revolutionary Referral AlgorithmReferral marketing is one of the most effective way to promote anything. We don’t need to throw millions dollar on the expensive advertising campaigns for other companies /orgnaization. Almost marketing cost are for our active community. Our referral algorithm is unique and smart. Let’s see.
Staking feature readyUnlike many other Aptos projects that have white-paper only, our strong blockchain developers are working hard to bring rich-featured ecosystem to our community. Just stake APT, ADF to earn passive income. With our referral algorithm, you can earn the interest from your staking pool as well as from the commision of users you referred staking.
Yield FarmingYou will earn $ADF when providing ADF/APT LP pair for the pool to get fee from transactions. The more LP you provide, the more you earn. It’s stable and high return.
Sport betting game readyThe worldcup season is coming. We provide a platform for users to predict the results of soccer, tennis, golf, etc matches, with various types like exact result, Handicap and Over-Under. It’s a double fun if you bet on your favorite sport team and they win, right?
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